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Cindy's Biography

   In 2007, Cindy’s then 11 year-old daughter asked if Cindy would enroll her in a class so that she could learn to make jewelry to share with her friends.  Although Cindy’s daughter soon became too busy to continue making jewelry, her daughter’s early business interest soon became Cindy’s passion.  Cindy subsequently named her business “CDE Designs”, a name which reflects both Cindy’s initials as well as the first letters of the names of her and her children, Dray and Elyse.  Now, seven years later, Cindy not only continues to design jewelry for her friends, but many of her pieces have been featured in some of the finest boutiques in the Atlanta area.  And, CDE Designs has now expanded to and to Austin, Texas, where Dray started CDE Designs Austin.

Without question, Cindy’s success as a jeweler has been the result of her imagination and her drive to create truly unique pieces that are appropriate in both a casual and formal setting.  Indeed, two of Cindy’s earliest signature pieces – her deer antler and shot gun shell necklaces – were created to incorporate symbols of traditional southern hunting culture into a fine piece of jewelry that is appropriate for all occasions.  Over the years, Cindy has also worked with a variety of antique and vintage pieces, including coins, watches and slides, to create bracelets and necklaces that combine the old with the new in timeless harmony.  And, most recently, after looking through her own wedding album and recalling the beautiful cameo that she borrowed from her grandmother as her “something old” at her wedding, Cindy has begun to collect antique cameos from all over the world in order to create a new line of unique pieces.

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